Tue, 12/19/2017

The integrated proteome resources iProX (http://www.iprox.org) has become the official member of ProteomeXchange Consortium (http://www.proteomexchange.org/) since Nov. 24 2017.

The ProteomeXchange consortium that was formed in 2006, was formally started in 2011 to standardize data submission and dissemination of mass spectrometry proteomics data worldwide. iProX is an integrated proteome resources center in China, which is built to support the Chinese Human Proteome Project and facilitate open access of proteome data worldwide. iProX is fully compatible with the data-sharing guidelines formulated by ProteomeXchange consortium, and acts as a public platform for collecting and sharing raw data, identifications, and standardized meta-data obtained from proteomics experiments. Registered users can submit their proteomic datasets to iProX in public or private modes. Once an associated manuscript is published, the dataset will be published automatically. As a member of ProteomeXchange Consortium, iProX will assign both iProX identifiers (IPX) and ProteomeXchange identifiers (PXD) to datasets submitted to iProX.

iProX has been running stably for 2 years, and provides services and supports of data analysis, management and sharing for several proteome projects in China. Currently, there are more than 560 registered users in iProX, with a total amount of 60 TB data accumulated.