The National Center for Protein Sciences, dubbed as the PHOENIX Center(Pilot Hub Of ENcyclopedic proteomIX), is funded by National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC). The PHOENIX Center is dedicated to research and services in protein biology and chemistry, and ultimately to the improvement of human health and economic welfare. It is mandated to:

  • Strengthen and facilitate protein science research in China;
  • Provide a support system for proteome analysis;
  • Stimulate and entice the application of proteomics approaches in domestic and international research projects;
  • Nucleate proteomics research currently sparsely spread across the country;
  • Provide centralized protein research capacity and expertise in the form of technology platforms;
  • Steward close interaction and collaboration nation-wide;
  • Attract and recruit new investigators to benefit from sophisticated
  • proteomics techniques; and
  • Create new partnerships and stimulate the development of new projects in bio-medical research.


19 Dec

iProX becomes the official member of ProteomeXchange Consortium

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10 May

OmicsDI, a new resource for 'omics dataset discovery

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28 Apr

MaxQuant and Perseus intensive training workshop

  • Apr 28, 17

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